Komok is a Budapest based design brand creating bespoke and small-series furniture. We work together with selected designers and local manufacturers to offer sustainable, functional and simple objects. Our close relationship to architecture affects our way of design: we pay close attention to the structural, technical details, seeking rational functionality, high level of aesthetic appearance and sustainability.
As we develop our range of products, we offer both designing and manufacturing services for architects, interior designers, businesses and individuals. Having our own studio, workshop and a wide network of designers and manufacturers, we are open for new product development, bespoke furniture or lighting.
Komok is not only a brand but a hub for collaborative design. As we come from the field of architecture, we know the power of shared knowledge - a building is not a product of a single person but a collection of professionals. Objects could be looked at in a similar manner - furniture is small-scale architecture.
Project-based product development is one key feature we offer to creatives looking for collaborations. We’re happy to join a project where there is a need for new furniture or object. After the project is finished, the design could have a second life as an available product.
Creating new objects to the already overproduced world is only justified if it offers a sustainable, high-quality alternative with timeless aesthetics, functionality and a low ecological footprint.
The life-cycle of each object is essential for us. We approach the designing and prototyping with focus on renewable, recyclable and durable materials. We always prefer the materials that are available or made locally and we work with local manufacturers. We keep the supplier chain as short as possible.
Circular economy is a model we agree with and implement in as many aspects as we can. We avoid using composite materials and prefer durable, sustainable ones. We pay close attention to the usage of the products  - we offer customer service regarding replacing parts, information on lengthening the lifespan and eventually the recycling.
Komok’s focus is not on handcrafted unique furniture, but on the proper usage of available technology and industrial methods combined with the knowledge of the manufacturers and designers. Manual work is an essential and joyful part of the product development process, however in the end we focus on computer-aided design and manufacture (cad / cam).

We communicate, combine, compose. We believe these 3-dimensional, functional sculptures what we call furniture are founded on these 3 keywords.
So as the brand komok.